Friday, November 16, 2012

Visa Bulletin contains visa cap advisory for China

The Department of State's Visa Bulletin for November, 2012, contains the following advisory:

"The following advisory is based strictly on the current demand situation.  Since demand patterns can (& sometimes do) change over time, this should be considered a worst case scenario at this point.

"It appears likely that a cut-off date will need to be established for the China Employment Fifth preference category at some point during second half of fiscal year 2013.  Such action would be delayed as long as possible, since while number use may be excessive over a 1 to 5 month period, it could average out to an acceptable level over a longer (e.g., 4 to 9 month) period.  This would be the first time a cut-off date has been established in this category, which is why readers are being provided with maximum amount of advance notice on the possibility.

"The above projections for the Family and Employment categories are for what could happen during each of the next few months based on current applicant demand patterns.  The determination of the actual monthly cut-off dates is subject to fluctuations in applicant demand and a number of other variables which can change at any time.  Those categories with a “Current” projection will remain so for the foreseeable future, with the possible exception of the China Employment Fifth preference category mentioned above."

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